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File extensions allow to upload

What file extensions are allow to upload?

We specify the file extensions available to be uploaded to the system for all members, admin, team, clients.

Available extensions as shown in the following table:

#ExtensionFile Type
1ZipCompressed Files
2RARCompressed Files
3JPG/JPEGPhotos/Graphic Files
4PNGPhotos/Graphic Files
7BMPPhotos/Graphic Files
5GIFAnimation Files
8WAVAudio Files
9MP3Audio Files
12M4AAudio Files
25AIF/AIFC/AIFFAudio Files
10MP4Video Files
11M4VVideo Files
16MOVVideo Files
17AVIVideo Files
18WMVVideo Files
19MPG/MPEGVideo Files
203GPVideo Files
21PDFDocument Files
23DWGDrawing Files
15CADAutocad Files
14DOCX/DOCWord Files
13XLSX/XLSExcel Files
22CSVText Files
24TXTText Files

Note: We do not allow the admin to change them for security reasons.

In case there is an extension that you need to use, we suggest that you attach it to a zip file before upload to PetraCRM.

Or you can send your suggestion to us through the following email: support@petracrm.com